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The Traveling Duo by hypergirlnirani The Traveling Duo by hypergirlnirani
Meet Cynthia and Mada, the elf-demon duo who started out as oneshot minor character doodles and ended up evolving into full-fledged characters~! I drew Mada standing off to the side to show how tiny he is- yep, he's a boy, lol.

Cynthia is a Cancer House elf-turned-'demon' who, unlike Christopher and Elise, has no royal blood of any kind. Before she died and became a 'demon', she was just a normal village kid. She's picked up street dancing along her travels and would actually perform for people even before regaining humanoid form with the help of Mada's 'look at me I'm a harmless baby' charm to keep people from becoming alarmed. She's a [wannabe] hero and travels around fighting malevolent 'demons' and criminals. Cynthia is strong and fast, but easily misguided and weak against spells that affect the mind. Her Talent is a self-directed form of Rhythm, which aids in both her dancing and wind manipulation. Also, as you'll see in the pic I'm posting right after this, she's just as fancy as Arla! :D

Mada is originally from a Healing House Virgo village, which is where Cynthia met him. He's very smart since he's been around for AGES, but he died as the elven equivalent of a toddler (likely somewhere between 8 and 12 human years old) and as such is almost completely unable to walk and can barely stand straight for long stretches of time, which really frustrates him. Contrasting Cynthia's speed and flightiness with his lack of mobility and levelheadedness, Mada possesses his House's hereditary Talent of Insight and is an excellent healer as well as strangely immune to illusion (though the latter seems to simply be an odd quirk specific to him rather than being Talent-related).

Notice that unlike the others, these two use their wings for practical purposes in a way that seems like they do it often- Mada has his over-sized ones spread wide to help Cynthia balance while hers comfortably make him into a living backpack. The only other person in the main group to use their wings often in humanoid form is Arla, and she uses hers for A, attack, B, intimidation, C, self-defense, or D, on reflex when startled, not for simple everyday things like these two do. :D ...Well, Mada actually can't make his wings go away, so they're always out, but Cynthia simply prefers to keep hers manifested... Shutting up now.

My characters, my story, no stealing.
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November 19, 2012
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