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Elven Founders v2- Eyes Open (Plus Pykke's scars) by hypergirlnirani Elven Founders v2- Eyes Open (Plus Pykke's scars) by hypergirlnirani
EDIT 10/16/2012: Fixed some stuff including Arianna's dress...

EDIT 11/19/2012: Added the link to a front view of Tal.

...Should I put a warning on this because of Pykke's scarring? Also, download for fullview.

Decided to make a version with the Founders' eyes all open (though you don't get to see Tal's since his back is to the viewer, lol...). Also gave Calypso even more waverlines to show he's a lightning thingy and made an attempt at giving Pykke the scars I hinted at him/her having. ...Eyes are so fun to draw~... Especially these characters' eyes, because I enjoy getting the various glows and odd shades and double-ring pupils juuuust right. It's funny how their expressions can be changed just by opening their eyes...

From left to right:

Skypia: Looks stern; possibly glaring at someone. Maybe annoyed, too.

Leone: Kinda tired looking. Considering the fact that he's naturally brittle-boned and frail, this makes sense. Also, yeah, his eyes glow sometimes; usually most often when he's using his Talent. His and Skypia's descendant has picked up this trait... *hint hint at what I'm gonna upload next*

Pandryn (on bottom): Her expression hasn't changed, since she hides her eyes behind her hair no matter what. She's very shy.

Casta (on top): Still looks happy.

Cyrintha: Winks are fun to draw. 'nuff said.

Calico (droopy ears): "........................ *radiating waves of dislike*" Kitty-Catty-McGrumpyFace is being true to his name, it seems. His expression is so totally unimpressed, hehe.

Calypso ("lightning ghost"): Still wearing the same psychopath grin as always.

Maldrynn: "Because I'm blind!" =D ...He's always happy, dangit... ...Also, tried to make his eyes look unfocused since, well, HE'S BLIND.

Arliss: HOW THE HECK DID OPENING HIS EYE SOMEHOW MAKE THIS HUGE GALOOT SUDDENLY ADORABLE? No, seriously, he just looks like such a sweetie- which he is, lol.

Sage: "....... *intense stare* " His expression panned out EXACTLY how I wanted it to! :D

Tal: Still has his back to the viewer, lol. He's just smiling calmly, as can be seen here:

Queen Lynora: She kinda just looks like she's talking, really... Did you know that amber is an actual eye color?

Arianna: Tried to give her almond-shaped eyes. ...Aaaaand STILL forgot the lines for her ear. *derrrrrpppp*

Pykke: ...Still being an androgynous asshole, lol. I decided to put the orange-hazel ring between his/her pupil-rings because, 1, it looks cool, and 2, it makes sense to me to do so. Also yep, there's a chunk of his/her ear tip missing.

...Ahahahahaha you guys have NO IDEA just how complex the story-verse these folks are a part of actually is. If I post my current pic of Skypia's kid, I'll be able to start really delving into it, buuuut I don't think I'm gonna post it unless people actually show some interest, because I'm self-conscious enough about my original work as is. >.<;

Anyway, these elves are mine. No stealing.
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October 16, 2012
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